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Friday, March 03, 2006

Hit The Ground Runnin'...

Hey Yall!

I am back from the land of the rising sun (Japan).
I thought I would get to come home, chill out and SLEEP-
but... a Superstar's work is NEVER done :)

I was waiting for my bags at the baggage claim from the 10 hour flight and
my phone rings with George Duke on the other line. It turns out Direct T.V.
and the new BET J (jazz) have come together and they were having a kick-off
celebration on Thurs. (March 2nd). Rehearsal was the on the next day
(March 1st) and it was 9 P.M. (Feb 28th)!!!
Needless to say I had to hit the ground runnin'!!

So let's bring on the photos... SHALL WE?!!? :)

I was honored to be apart of this celebration.
The line up was:
George Duke and Stanley Clark
Ms. Rachelle Ferrell
Kenny Lattimore and
Ms. Teena Marie

I love Stanley Clark!
He is soooo funny!
The first time I met him we were
in Den Hauge, Netherlands...
He was just as cool :)

Rachelle Ferrell is the most SANGIN' woman I know!!!
MAN!!! She's sooo fabulous with her little self :)
The first time we met was in Africa. If you ever get
the chance to see her live - DO IT!!!
She sang "With Every Breath I Take" AWESOME!

Lemme tell yall about Kenny Lattimore!!
When I say that man can SANG!! ooh wee!! he can sang!!
He was supposed to do a new song with his wife
Chante' (Moore) but she was sick :(
He sang a Donny Hathaway tune-
"More than you'll ever know" and brought the house down!!!
I mean wow!

And then there was Ms. Teena-
LADY TEE!! She is a baaaaad girl!
The first time we met was about 6 years
ago with her beautiful daughter Aaliyah
(who is a big girl now!!!)
She sang "Cassanova Brown"
yesss... SHE DID THAT!!!!

God is sooo AMAZING!
I have had the opportunity to work with some of the
GREATEST singers and musicians in the world.
Some of them you know-
and some you may not know by name or face-
but if you go to a concert, listen to movie scores or
sound tracks, read album credits etc...
you will hear their beautiful voices or maybe even
sing some of the songs they have written for your
favorite artists. In many cases the background singers
sound better than the main act on stage...
(but you ain't heard that from me!!!)

Here I am with Ms. Lynne Fiddmont and Mr. Lamont Vanhook

These folks gotz TALENT!!! :)
Not only do they get "ALL the gigs" (hahaha!)
They are two of the most funny,
professional, WONDERFUL people ever :)
I am so blessed to have met,
worked with and befriended them.
I LUV YALL!!! :*

A couple more green room pics...

Lynne, George Duke, Lamont and Me

Me. Rachelle and Stanley

After this show-
Lamont, Lynne and I went down to Santa Monica
to see our friends play at this club named Harvelles.
After a few phone calls- Some of the best singers
and musicians in L.A. was there hangin' and chillin'.
It was cool :)

Me, Lamont, Fred, Lisa and Lynn (lookin' sexy) :)
(Dana, who is partially covered is not a singer-she's Lisa's cousin)

Now let me tell you about our friends-
They are all accomplished singers and musicians who
have and still work with the biggest names in the industry.
A few of them got together- formed a band called "The Clique".
They are a wonderful band and I was glad to see them do
their thang :)

That pretty much sums things up!
I'm going to go hibernate now-
after my long leisure bath...



  • At 3/04/2006 9:39 AM, Blogger Miss Ahmad said…

    Rachel Farrell was the first show I saw by myself. It was 1997 in NYC at the blue note. I ordered a Cosmo, and watched her do her thing. She blew my mind, and I thought she was gonna break my glass!

  • At 3/06/2006 6:15 AM, Blogger KnowOne said…

    talk about name dropping, lol.....hey ma, im tryna support ya, if you got music out there, point me in the right direction

  • At 3/06/2006 10:54 AM, Blogger Miz JJ said…

    I keep hearing about Rachel Farrell. I am going to need to get some of her stuff. Great pictures. I love Kenny Lattimore.

  • At 3/07/2006 9:55 AM, Blogger Supa said…

    Hey Singing Diva!!

    Simply. Fabulous!

    Just wanted to say hi, will come back and spend time on my favorite singing diva's blog in a bit...just got released from jury duty (thank gawd!)

    Happy Hibernating!! (and how long will that last - 1 day, maybe?) :) lol

  • At 3/07/2006 2:36 PM, Blogger Isha said…

    Hey pretty girl! Welcome home. Holla at a sista when you get a minute. Love and Kisses

  • At 3/07/2006 5:51 PM, Blogger bRandy said…

    welcome back...glad you made it back safely...and clearly had a great time! thanks for the pics--they are awesome!
    btw, i did write on my blog--thanks for bringing my absence to my attention :o)

  • At 3/08/2006 5:30 AM, Blogger Bklyn Diva said…

    GIRL!!! no posse needed but glad to know I'm covered!!!

    I mean damn.. can I get down wit yo clique??? Rachelle Farrell is da BOMB!!! I love her music and Kenny lattimore sound even better now that he in love :) Sumthin bout a soulmate that brings out that extra in ya boy!!!!

    Well I'm wit no1.. CAN WE GET SOME MUSIC PLEASE LOL..

    yo CARAMEL sista

  • At 3/08/2006 10:30 AM, Anonymous Tif said…

    Wow sis I see you're doing it up. I wish I would of known sooner i got a buddy in Japan who would appreciate a good old soulful jazz showcase. Stanley Clark was around alot growing up (BBQ's parties)yet I was to young to appreciate his music. Good thing good music is timeless

  • At 3/10/2006 8:36 AM, Anonymous SimplyDiva said…

    Girl you are doing your thing!!! That is so great.


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