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Sunday, November 26, 2006

You see me comin'.... BACK UP!!!

When you see that girl comin'...


She ain't your average chick-

Back Up!

Hey Blog Family!

I hope your Thanksgiving Holiday was great!
I had a pretty cool time. I started it off with family,
and ended it with some friends.

Now usually I don't do this- but uh...

I don't really feel like blogging so-
I'mma show you how I kick it in family mode.
Because the 'Diva' act does NOT work at my mama's house-
There was no make-up, no weaves, no fancy clothes-
no red carpet treatment... I mean really-
I had to get up to GET MY OWN soda!! Seriously!! hahaha!

(My only brother Ronnie, Me, my sister Paulette (green)
her daughter Alicia, my mom, my sister Kymia- holding
her daughter Anisa and my son Aaron.) My youngest sister
is away for school and didn't want to come home.

I never put pictures of my family-
and I don't know why they asked...
but they all wanted to be "featured" on my blog.
um... I hate to be the one to break it to them...
but no one was looking their photo best :)

But if they don't care- I don't either
so let's bring on the parade ...


(Paulette, Me, Ronnie, Nikki)

Kym's Family

(Kymia, Eric, Anisa)

(Kym and Anisa)

Paulette's Family

(Paulette and Hakeem)

(Paulette and Alicia)

(Me, My brother and sister...)

Me being "aunteee"

The Cousins...

Aaron and Alicia

Aaron(with the hurry up she's heavy face) & Anisa.

Me and my Mama

Me and my baby...

How did yall spend Thanksgiving'?



  • At 11/26/2006 1:09 AM, Blogger Miss Ahmad said…

    ooh weee

    all the way in dirty vegas and i'm still first.

    we had a small dinner, which was quite delicious and welcomed my uncles first black girlfriend in twenty some odd years to the fold..

    i think we'll call that a miracle. then my mom and brother went out and bought flat screens at five in the morning while i slept like a bear!

    you gots a pretty family!!

    love ya miss ya!!

  • At 11/26/2006 6:12 AM, Anonymous TheGod said…

    You have a very beautiful family. It is good to see nubian people smiling.

  • At 11/26/2006 7:31 AM, Blogger African girl, American world said…

    get your own soda..LOL!
    Wanna be featured on your blog..LOL!
    hurry up she heavy..LOL!

    Beautiful family Glam and your baby is adorable! He's your mini me.

  • At 11/26/2006 11:42 AM, Anonymous CreoleInDC said…

    Yall look like a FABULOUS family! LOL! Go head girl!

    I spent my turkey day eatin'...and I'm STILL eatin'! LOL!

  • At 11/26/2006 3:22 PM, Anonymous The Goddess said…

    Awwwww! What a BEAUTIFUL family. And yall look like you had a great time.

    We didn't do anything special; just me the Honey and our little family. No, let me take that back because we know ANY time spent with family is special. I'm still tired from all that cookin. LOL

  • At 11/26/2006 5:18 PM, Anonymous bunny said…

    Awwww how sweet to get the fam together for pics on the blog. How cool!! And I'm totally cracking up at your sister doing a Steve Urkel impression with her pants all hiked up! Too funny.

  • At 11/26/2006 6:42 PM, Blogger sweetie kia said…

    My Thanksgiving holiday was fun, fun, fun as usual. You know I just love the holidays although I am a little tired from cooking....however I'm not to tired from eating...just a little plumper! Tee hee!
    I was soooooooooo happy to see the family pics. Everybody is so grown up now! Tell them All that I said hello, I miss them and I am sending oodles of hugs and kisses out to them.
    PS....why is Aaron your twin face?
    PSS....tell Paulette and Kim to send me their Cabbage Patch Kids..they are just too cute!
    PSSS....Ronnie just went Boyz 2 Men on us. Now how did he get to be so grown up overnight? Ya'll makin' me feel old.

  • At 11/26/2006 7:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    LOL@ your family wanting to be "featured" on your blog. My family barely knows I have a blog!

    We were in Harlem this year at my cousin's apartment. Great food, good fun and no drama!

  • At 11/26/2006 11:01 PM, Blogger fallen angel said…

    i'm sure my family would LOVE to be featured on my damn blog--because they're NOSY!!!! spent thanksgiving with my besteest friend and her boo and another friend. three days in charlott. three days in jacksonville. i'm trying to be just like you "carmen!!!!!" ;-P

  • At 11/27/2006 2:19 AM, Blogger eclectik said…

    Nice post

    Good to see that you enjoyied the weekend/Holiday

    and you allowed us in.

    Take care.

  • At 11/27/2006 4:16 AM, Blogger Bklyn Diva said…

    Girl now I see where u get it from!!!! ya mama.. Panama in di house!!!! You go girl!!!

    Ok your son.. looks like you just lighter LOL *at least from what I see here lol*.. beautiful family..

    I spent mine with my fam and my honey..then finished packing and worked friday LOL.. moved saturday and as you already know.. it was a success.. :)

    LOL @ the family wanted to be featured on the blog.. Hahahaaaaa and you know when you are mama house all dat other stuff is irrelevant.. cause she remember when she had to wipe the snot from ya nose.. she want her DIVA without the GLAM... :)

    Be good!

  • At 11/27/2006 6:54 AM, Blogger Mocha_Grl said…

    LOL, I'm with nichelle...nobody knows I have a blog, but your family is BEAUTIFUL!

    It wasn't Thanksgiving up here, but I chilled out and ate a lot of food anyway...tee hee!

  • At 11/27/2006 8:10 AM, Blogger Miz JJ said…

    Beautiful family! I can not wait to go home and celebrate with mine.

  • At 11/27/2006 8:32 AM, Blogger Knockout Zed said…

    All dem pretty women...sigh

    I was doing what I do most Thanksgivings, watching the Detroit Lions lose on national TV.


  • At 11/27/2006 12:17 PM, Blogger DollFace said…

    The family is so cute! My fam would want to be all in my space IF they knew it existed!
    Glad to see you had a good Thanksgiving...I snatched my sister's invitation on Wed gave and then gave re-invited her on Thurs. Turned out to be drama free. Yay!

  • At 11/29/2006 5:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    good pics...nothing like spending time with fam

  • At 1/06/2007 7:40 AM, Blogger Wanda said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At 1/10/2007 11:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello Shannon. I had to double check w/yo mama for your blog address. I LOVE THIS SERIES OF PHOTOS. Can't wait to hear and see you on the 20th.

    Ms. Joyce


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