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Friday, December 29, 2006


I just wanted to wish everyone a

May your 2007 be filled with more
blessings that you can handle...
so that you can pass them on to bless others!

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Sunday, December 24, 2006


I was "lovingly" reminded by my friend
MALCOLM that it has almost been 20
days since I've blogged...

Well, yes, this is true.
because God is soooo wonderful,
and has been blessing me so much-
I have been busy living the extrodinary life
I've prayed for...

I wish YOU-
bloggers, family and friends

Regular postings will be back soon :)


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cayman Island Fun!

Hey Everybody!
I'm back from the Caymans :)

I absolutely LOVE the Caymans Islands!
This was my 2nd time there.
I sang in the festival last year with
Al Jarreau and also with George Duke-
(can we say DOUBLE $$ DIP?!?)
I would have shown the pictures but I don't
feel like looking for them so...
Let's get to THIS year.. SHALL WE?

Since I had been there before- ALL and I mean ALL
of the production team remembered me!!
I couldn't believe it when I got off of the plane
and heard- "Shannon? Oh my gosh- you're back!!"
and was greeted with hugs and screams... like a
for REAL celebrity! hahaha!

Here is a photo of Me and Patrice (my island assistant)
as soon as I got off the plane...

I was cheezin' hard huh? hahaha!

Then I thought to myself - it is sooo humid!
I'd better wrap this head up before I have an

So I wrapped my head in a sarong...
before I jumped in the limo with Jeffrey...

After we checked in-
we went over to catch the rest of KEM's set.

We have done at least 5 shows with KEM,
but I always see the show from backstage.
It was interesting to see the show from the
front. I think his night was the 1st night, so
he didn't perform on the beach like the rest
of us- he was in the Ballroom.

Here I am at soundcheck on Showday-
with my friend Kim- who sings with Pebo Bryson.
She came to hang out- Hey Kim!! : )

As you can see I was make-up free and greasy...
(I've been told that look is called "the Island Glow")
I guess I had the "island glow" the WHOLE week!

Our drummer brought his friend Marque : )

Show Night...

Me and Kim

Me and Joey backstage...

and our CLOSE-UP!!

The show was fun!
It was taped and will be shown on BET-J, I think.
You'll have to check your local listings to see when.
Since I have friends in high places (hahaha)
I've "acquired" some footage from the show.
I have to figure out how to you tube it...

I spent A LOT of time on the beach-

a lot of time hangin' out-

and laughin'...

This girl is crazy!
She tickled me right before the picture was taken-
and said it makes the picture more "natural" hahaha!

I even hung out with Darren (from Soul Food)

He's a really nice guy...

Since a few of us stayed for a mini-vacay,
a lot of the photos I took are for my private collection...
But I'll let you see some :)

Me and Mikey (our road mgr.)

Me and Jack-o (Jeffrey's mgr)

Me -initiating Penny (Jack's wife) into the band...
by rubbing my whompies on her head : )

Yeah... fun times were had!

I had the greatest view from my balcony,
so every night I would try to catch-

A Cayman Sunset...

I am so grateful to God
for all of the wonderful blessings
I receive and live everyday-
and for wonderful friends like you to
share the experience with!

I leave tonight (Wed.) for Indianapolis, Indiana.
So have a great weekend!

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Oh! P.S.

My girl P <----- who is apart of "TEAM SHANNON"
found this on You Tube. I didn't even know it was there!
It is a clip of me singing with George Duke in D.C. this
summer. Yay!