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Friday, March 23, 2007

A look through my lens...

Although I have been lacking in the blog arena-
I still have been living a life of fabulousness (of course)!

I am always taking pictures.
Although I'm on the road now (as always)-
(and bored in my hotel room in Greenville, S. Carolina),
I was going through my camera and looking at
all the moments in time I've captured...

Since my blogging has been lacking and
I'm trying get the spirit back,
Since I know I probably won't go backwards
with old stories,
Since I love taking pictures (obviously) :)
I'm going to show you some of the pictures
on my camera- not all - just some :)

Sangindiva presents-
A Look Through My Lens...

So let's start with this one:

I MET BLOGGER WILL!!!! -----> (His site)
after a few sad attempts at taking a picture together...
we finally got it right :)

A trip to cold Canada...
(Hi bonku)

On stage at the Zulu Ball '07
for Marti Gras in New Orleans

Backstage with a maid of the Zulu court

Backstage with the Whispers in Atlanta

Me and Glam at our grilled cheese ladies night

Me and Joey...

Me and (another) band after a show

Me and Mike "BEAST on the Bass" Manson
-----> (His site)

Me and the Hot Boyz (producers) @ the studio

Me and Dub C (Westside Connection)

Me and Butch Cassidy

Having a laugh....

And loving my life!!

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Soul Searchin' and Seekin'...

Yes, it has been a looooong time since I've blogged.
In all honesty I was strongly considering
shutting this blog down.

It's so easy to go back to a life of anonymity...
...of just blog lurking,
...reading with no comment or opinion-
unless I felt like it.

I made it one year-
and my blog evolved,
as my life did-
sometimes in the open...
sometimes in secret.

Over the past few months I have really been
doing some soul searching and life evaluating.
I've lost a few friends
and left a few friends;
lost myself...
yet gained a new perspective.
I even fell in love...

with myself!

and it has been a wonderful thing.

Through prayer and silence,

I have been seeking God,

seeking life

and seeking happiness...

I've found that and then some-

was a month of loss for me,
So I really didn't feel like blogging.

I lost a dear friend and a part of our band...

*RIP* Doug Iten

I lost a tooth :(

(I wonder If I lost some wisdom too?!)

I lost my dang CELL PHONE!!!

in a cab in Phoenix -
1 hour before my show.
I was crying and sad
because I don't know
my mother's number by heart...

or ANY BODY'S number by heart-

because of that dang cell phone,

that I LOST,
in a cab,
1 hour before my show....

{Insert lots of sobs and tears here}

I even got a comforting hug from

He said:"You have to smile big for my picture"
Because believe me yall... I was sad.
(look at me looking like a raccoon from crying)

Then ...

I lost my voice
and lost a week of speaking or singing!!!

(but now it's found-
and I am SUUUPER busy!) YAY!

So now that I am NOT shutting down my blog...
I will update you on all the goods soon!

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