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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cayman Quickie...

Hello from the beautiful Grand Cayman Islands!!!

I am stopping in to let you know
I'll be incognegro until Dec. 5th.
I'm doing a show here for the Cayman Island Jazz festival.
(If anyone is here for that LET ME KNOW!!)
Then I'm staying to chill for a mini-winter vacay...
I'll be back with pictures OF COURSE!!
Until then be safe, be blessed- ANNNDDD....
Take a listen to the song- I'd like to know you think!

Luv yall!


Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Hey Everybody!!!

I have the greatest news! : )
I have another song on the radio!! YAY!
I love to do the vocals for an artist and it
plays on the radio.
I am always so honored when I am asked to sing
on someone's record. I look at it like a piece of history
that I am apart of. As well as a chance to be creative with
someone else. God is so good to me! : )

Well this time- Howard Hewitt has a new single out
called "Enough" and I'M ON IT!!

Howard told me it was doing very well on the radio and
quickly moving up the charts! I'm so proud! : )
He also gave me permission to post and blog about it.
So if you like it- Let him know! REQUEST IT!! : )

Although we all know Howard many solo hits including
my personal favorite- "AMEN"
He was also a member of the group Shalamar...

(Jeffrey Daniels, Jody Watley and Howard Hewitt)

So yall,
Here is the song - Tell me what you think!

powered by ODEO

It was mixed and recorded by Mr. Erik Zobler-
which is why it sounds SO INCREDIBLE!!!

(I've talked about him before ----->here.)

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

You see me comin'.... BACK UP!!!

When you see that girl comin'...


She ain't your average chick-

Back Up!

Hey Blog Family!

I hope your Thanksgiving Holiday was great!
I had a pretty cool time. I started it off with family,
and ended it with some friends.

Now usually I don't do this- but uh...

I don't really feel like blogging so-
I'mma show you how I kick it in family mode.
Because the 'Diva' act does NOT work at my mama's house-
There was no make-up, no weaves, no fancy clothes-
no red carpet treatment... I mean really-
I had to get up to GET MY OWN soda!! Seriously!! hahaha!

(My only brother Ronnie, Me, my sister Paulette (green)
her daughter Alicia, my mom, my sister Kymia- holding
her daughter Anisa and my son Aaron.) My youngest sister
is away for school and didn't want to come home.

I never put pictures of my family-
and I don't know why they asked...
but they all wanted to be "featured" on my blog.
um... I hate to be the one to break it to them...
but no one was looking their photo best :)

But if they don't care- I don't either
so let's bring on the parade ...


(Paulette, Me, Ronnie, Nikki)

Kym's Family

(Kymia, Eric, Anisa)

(Kym and Anisa)

Paulette's Family

(Paulette and Hakeem)

(Paulette and Alicia)

(Me, My brother and sister...)

Me being "aunteee"

The Cousins...

Aaron and Alicia

Aaron(with the hurry up she's heavy face) & Anisa.

Me and my Mama

Me and my baby...

How did yall spend Thanksgiving'?


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Holiday TAG... I -POD of Your Life

Hey Yall!

This being the official day before Thanksgiving,
allow me to wish everyone a wonderful, safe and
happy holiday. Enjoy yourselves... but not TOO much!

Remember when you were in
elementary school,
and the day before a holiday,
you always played a game or
colored pictures as "fun" for the class?

Well I may not have a 'turkey hand-painting' project
today.... But I have a tag that is just as fun!
I got it from the Goddess (thanx girlie!)

So Enjoy...
and feel free to "borrow" this project
for your "class" (blog)!

I-POD of Your Life-

Here are the rules:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...

Opening Credits: "That's how I like it" -Beyonce'

Waking Up: "You're making me high"- Toni Braxton

First Day At School: "Burn" Usher

Falling In Love: "Ready for your love" Minnie Riperton

Fight Song: "Soon as I get home"- Faith Evans
(this should have been a make-up song! hahaha!)

Breaking Up: "Golden" -Jill Scott

Prom: "Previous Cats" - Musiq

Life is good: " Simple" - India. Arie

Mental Breakdown: "It's not worth it"- Brandy (ooh- this song fits!)

Driving: "Can I walk with you"- India. Arie
(hey! I thought we were DRIVING!)

Flashback: "Someday we'll all be free' - Donny Hathaway
(a TRUE flashback song!)

Getting Back Together: "Rain" - SWV

Wedding: "Lush Life"- Ella Fitzgerald
(WRONG song for a wedding! hahaha!)

Birth of Child: "Find me a man" Toni Braxton
(great song- uh, WRONG catagory!)

Final Battle: "Gospel medley"- Destiny's Child
(if it's the final battle I guess I need the Lord!)

Funeral Song: "So in love with you" - Al Green

End Credits: "For Real" Amel Larrieux

Because I did not cheat-
some of the songs certainly didn't go with
the categories... but Oh well!! hahahaha!

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


powered by ODEO


Hi Everybody!!


I have gotten all of the e-mails, texts, IM's and phone calls :)
I even got 4 e-mails asking me what my talking voice
sounds like...
um, o.k. : ) hahaha!
because of this- in addition to my pictures-
I am doing an audio blog!!!

I had to hurry up and blog
before yall started throwing stones!!!

So where did I leave off?

Oh yeah... N. Carolina.

Wow! That was so long ago...
Of course the show went well!

Here are some pics from that show:
(You can always click on any pic to enlarge)

(Jeffrey Osborne, Bill Sharpe, Me, Tony Maiden)

I so *heart* Tony Maiden!!
Not only is he a GEMINI genius-
He plays that guitar so great it's just...
other worldly!!

Tony is the founder of the group
that put Chaka on the map- Rufus.
That's him in the hat from back in the day...

You can also catch these two (Bill and Tony)
playing with Dave Koz- for all you smooth jazzers.

Moving On...

You know the Sangindiva is a workaholic-
If I am not on the road I am singing SOMEWHERE!
It doesn't matter what genre of music-
country, pop, rock , gospel, jazz etc.-I do it!
So on my few "days off " I was in the studio :)
I've been working with Hip-Hop artists in English...

(Crazy Cuz, Me, Butch Cassidy)

ANNND in Spanish! (Siempre Representando!!!)

(The Homegirl Flakiss and Crew)

Flakiss is crazy popular in the Latin hip- hop circles
and is working on album #3.

Let's see what else...

Oh! then I had a show in Miami.

(Me waking up from a nap in my trailer)

The show was at this HUGE plantation mansion,
and the weather was like Cali (in the fall!!)
HOT and BEAUTIFUL!! Can you say 85 degrees!
The set up was right on the water...
Oh! the stories I could tell!! hahaha!

But I won't! : )

A few of my friends were at this show too,
but this is the only picture I took because
I was tryin' to get my party on...


Because of all of the tours
(Fantasia, Jamie Foxx, Ne-yo etc.)
that are being put together right now
from producers to superstars-
is in L.A. for rehearsals...
When all of the working musicians in L.A.
come home we PARTY!!

The other night after our rehearsals
we went to Cozy's in Sherman Oaks, CA.
And turned it into an all-star Jam session!
We took turns playing and singing. It was magical.

I won't even TRY to post all my pics
but I'll hip you to my main crew...

(Me and George Johnson)
GREAT drummer-Known him since we were 15,
the first one in our crew to turn pro-I was the second!!
And we toured w/ Patti Labelle together.
He currently plays with Fantasia.

(Me and Felix "dat Kat")

I heart Felix!! He is so sweet! A great drummer
who currently plays for Lionel Richie.
We've done a few stateside shows in the jazz world.

(Me and Dave B!!!)

I knew Dave but really got to know him
when we were with Anthony Hamilton.
Hey is a FANTASTIC keyboard player and still plays w/Ant.
Oh! the road stories I could tell... but I won't!

Gorden Campbell (taking his turn @ Cozy's)

MAN! Gordo and I have traveled the WORLD together!
Denmark, Russia, Japan...the list could go on for days!
Oh the stories I could tell!! Gordo works with EVERYBODY!
He currently is Neyo's M.D. and is also M.D. for
Jessica Simpson.

(Me, Jubu (in grey)and Eric (in blue) Smith)

Jubu -guitar and Eric bass-are brothers.
I met Jubu @ a George Duke album session,
I know E from Lalah Hathaway's Band.
I forget who Jubu is playing for right now,
But E is with Lalah and Fantasia- Work that double dip E!!

Me and Monet'

In this male dominated business-
I'm glad I have a homie in crime...Miss Monet'!!
This girl can sing her butt off! And she's from the bay too!
(Oaktown HOLLA!!) She currently is with Goapole.

(Chaz, Me and Day-Day)

Chaz and I go way back... our mothers know each other.
You guys might know him as an actor-
but ol' boy can SANG 4 REAL!
(Speaking of acting- Make sure to catch him tonight
(Mon. 11/21/06)on that new series "The Game" w/the Maury twin.)
Day-Day is my homie and a great drummer too!
Dang! I forget who is playing for... I wanna say
Bobbie Valentino but don't quote me.


I hope you all forgive me for not blogging.
I will be around reading, catching up,
and saying hello so that you know I still love yall.

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