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Friday, May 26, 2006


Well, actually it's Monday, May 29th...
but I'm on the road and will be working
while you guys are eatin' BBQ and gettin'
ya picnic on-so I'm gonna start early!

Because I'm a Gemini Genius-
I have decided to post a Birthday Wish List-

I mean, what DIVA doesn't like gifts?!?

My wish list is in no particular order-
and *of course* there is no limit to
how much you can buy me ! :)

I would just LOVE to have:

The Sex In The City -Series Box Set


A 60GB Video i-pod
(Yes, I know I have a 30gb Photo AND an i-pod shuffle...
your point is? This is MY wish list!)

What would REALLY make me feel like a princess is-

A gold T-bar bracelet like this:

Or this:


How about a gift certificate to:


Or even...

A massage/spa day
(Getting pampered always brings a smile to my face!)

I adore candles from:

The Yankee Candle Company


(Fruity flavors are what I like best)

I could spend all day dreaming up things I'd like to have
but ONE thing TRUMPS everything else and that is:

It's always on time and never out of style!!

Now watch my doll work it-
'cause it's my birthday...
Go...Go...Go... it's my birthday- GO!



P.S. Happy Memorial Day!!
See ya' Tuesday :)

Thursday, May 25, 2006


So here's the story :
(as told by Novelista Nichelle)

Apparently Butta,
blogger and editor extraordinaire, came across a meme called:
"Listing Magnificence: Five Things I Like About Myself"
but- W.C.B.H. Tia thought it would be far more interesting
for bloggers to list five things we like about one or two
other bloggers instead of singing our own praises.
We all thought it was a great idea so...

Tia started it off with a beautiful tribute to Butta.

(It is also Butta's 1 year blogging anniversary... YAY!!!)


Nichelle moved me to tears with her tribute to me!
I was so honored by how special this made me feel :)

So in true W.C.B.H. fashion...

Here are the 5 things I like about Ms. Glam:

She is a certified Tall, Dark and Lovely Oakland Boss!!
What you know about Skyline guuurl!??!

Mama's got a MEAN shoe game!!
(what size you wear again? I'mma need those!)

Wanna know where's a great place to chill, eat & people watch?
ASK GLAM! Miss Thang KNOWS her way around a city!

She is a certified Martini Princess!

( I am waiting on our schedules to calm down
so we can have a few together!)

Glam is one of the most beautiful-
(inside and out) intelligent women I know.
She is a wonderful writer, gives great advice,
and lifts your spirits when you are around her.

I'm glad to call her a W.C.B.H. but even more proud
to call her my friend :)
Go on and live the Glamazon life girl- I see you!!


P.S. Stay tuned for who is next!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I just came back from a mini vacation in Florida.
It was sorta like a time out... but I wasn't being punished :)
I told you guys that I was supposed be on vacation...
but I lied and went to work anyway.
Then my friend talked to me how much I needed to
take a break, relax, etc and arranged for us to meet in Florida.

The first day we stayed at the Gaylord Palms Hotel.

This was a beautiful hotel!
It has an alligator/reptile exhibit, shops,
and a fantastic spa...(I had the greatest massage there!)

(Me chillin' in the room playing Sponge Bob UNO)

That night we went to Universal Studios Orlando for an industry
mixer at Margaritaville and I got and i-pod-shuffle as a doorprize :)

Here I am giving you "Runway Diva" on the people-mover.

The next day we checked out and met up with other friends
at the vacation house.

We chilled out by the pool in the back yard-

Went shopping at outlets,

Ate Sushi (and root beers!)

Got our nails done,

(Special shout out to Sunito and all of our nail shop
antics- dang girl why didn't we take a picture??!!!)

I even watched a couple of basketball games!!

(if you really know me you'll find this unbelievable hahaha!)

Now it is time for me rest from my vacation :)
and get ready to hit the road again!



Sunday, May 21, 2006


Forgive me yall...
I know I am WAAAY late with this post,
but I just came back from FLORIDA...
(I took a mini vay-cay)

SO...CLICK HERE for Ms. Phoenix's breakdown on the event too!

On Saturday (may 13, 2006) I had the pleasure of laughing, talking,
eating, drinking, dancing, singing and sharing with some of
the most WONDERFUL women on the BEST (west) coast!

Introducing the West Coast Blogging Hotties-(W.C.B.H.)

(P- in yellow, Ky, Supa, Jasai, Miss Amhad,
and the Phoenix -in front) obviously I am
behind the camera :)

Before I get deep into my post-
let me say that the plan was to take
pictures with all the girls individually...
See? Here I am with Supa Sista...

But that was about as far as I got because
as the festivities got more festive-
and the Sangria kept flowing... well let's just say
we forgot about the camera REAL quick :)

So this is how it all went down...

Miss Amhad aka Ms. Glam of
Glamazon Life is the Hostess with
the mostess!!! She so graciously opened her
beautiful home to us Hotties with a Cuban Nite/Latin theme.

There were Quesadillas,

chips, salsa (3 different kinds!!!) and guacamole for appetizers.


(I don't know WHY I didn't think of snapping a picture of
miss thang cookin' in the kitchen!! )

Then Ms. Glam just out did herself with the
HOMEMADE Sangria!!!

Can we just have a moment of silence for that?! :)


We had Tacos

and the main meal of Cuban Fare:
Chicken, Rice, Black beans, Corn, and Plantains!

GLAM is the hostess with the mostess!!!
We LUV you girl!!

For dessert
there were fresh raspberrries

Fruit sorbet

and Ms. Phoenix brought a beautiful fruit custard cake

All night long there was food, folks and fun!

(Ky, Supa, Glam, P, Me, Jasai)

(Ky- soon to be a blogger- hint... hint...
and Jasai )

(Me and That Krazy Phoenix!!)

(Supa, Phoenix and P)

Ms. P (in the yellow)
of the The Pattyopolis Network-KPAT FM,
is so beautiful and tall! She gets a special shout
because I was so glad I was not in the 6 foot club alone :)

o.k. yall... I'm out!


Tuesday, May 16, 2006


OK Yall,

I have not forgotten about the pictures and update
from the W.C.B.H. get together on Saturday.
It's UP NEXT... (maybe tomorrow)!

D.C was great...
after it stopped raining like cats & dogs! hahaha!
The show went well.
On the bill there was Phil Perry,
Jeffrey Osborne and Stephanie Mills.

Phil- (who is like the male version of Ms. Patty LaBelle)
can hit some KRAZY high notes!

(Me, Joey and Phil Perry backstage)

I had other pictures but blogger is actin' crazy...
After the show I changed clothes and met up with
a friend of mine...
I will not put a picture of this friend on here because
I like my privacy :)
but here is a picture he took of me-

(Me in D.C.)

I know I haven't been as active in blogland as I should be
but the Sangindiva is a BUSY girl!

I am multi-tasking like you wouldn't believe!
Keep your fingers crossed and send up prayers
for your girl- I'm working hard on a REALLY big
personal project and I am hoping that another
project with the ABC network comes through...

Before I go-

I have been tagged by Ms. bRandy and Ms. Beauty
I haven't forgotten ladies :)
I will get to them both I promise.

And to my sister...
I know, I know, you are tired of seeing my hair up.
Do NOT tell me this again! Thank you.