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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hugs and Blogger Love...

I am so grateful for all of the advice, amens, love and
(((HUGS))) from my blogger friends and family.
I TRULY appreciate all of the kind words that made
me feel soooo much better. I have been blessed to
"know" some of the most talented and intelligent
people in the WORLD! I am proud call you friends :)

I have to give an extra special shout to Knockout ZED...
Thanks for being the "man in the house" and tellin' it
to me straight with noooo chaser :)
P.S. on June 23rd I'm gonna be in Satan's Anus...
Hit me up so we can hang out. You can see a show
for free, drool in person... and then blog about it!
(ANNNNND you'll have the pictures to prove it!!)

I got your message Ms. Tam-
I need to know where ya at and what's goin' on!
On the 13th we will discuss your disappearing act...
so GIRL TALK will be in FULL effect!
P, Glam and Tam... I can't WAIT! :)

I have to give a SHOUT out to my GIRLS
Kenya Hathaway and SY Smith!!
Not only are these ladies two of the BEST
singers in the world- they are beautiful inside and out.
They sing/sang for everythang and everybody,
and are 2 of the singers in the band for American Idol.
(You may have caught Kenya's cameo when Elliot
sang her daddy's (Donny Hathaway) song.)
Sy has sang for EVERYBODY including Whitney Houston-
and writes for EVERYONE! Check out SY's website.

Here we are on New Year's '06 celebratin'
SY did a wonderful show at the Little Temple that night.
A great time was had by all- TRUST!

( ME, Kenya and SY )

I am on the road right now but
I PROMISE I will try to work out my blog roll-
(Aunt Esther I haven't forgotten you!)
My mom says my list is waaaay at the bottom-
(but it looks regular to me.)
Tell me what you guys see on the side where
the links should go. I need to figure this out!


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tell It Tuesday

Now yall know that normally
I don't get on here tellin' my biz-nass.
If it's not really work/travel or fun related
I kinda let things roll...
But I see I'm gonna have to go back to the
Keep it real you get a better deal mode-
because it seems to work better for me.

All day yesterday I had been feeling really eff'd up.
I got to thinking about why and came to the realization
that I am allowing a mutha f*cca to play with me...

Allowing him to string me along
when I KNOW that he dosen't want me.

Allowing him to string me along by
saying shit that lets me know that
we have NO FUTURE- but still I stay.

because I want to prove MY loyalty
to a mutha... who I feel could give
LESS than a damn about me.

I need to be BITCH SLAPPED with reality
because I can't rationalize it to myself anymore.

I don't know if it's the history we have,
or the fact that he knows how to get into my mind
just to eff with my head...
Maybe it's because sometimes I catch a glimpse
into the heart of him and think he's a cool guy...
but probably not the one for me.
It's my fault I think I don't deserve better than the
way he treats me. The way he uses me.
The way he talks to me. The way he belittles me.
And makes me feel I am not good enough.

Like a carrot dangling his affection but
he has no intention of ever giving it to me.

I remember this particular convo with my mama:

Me: Mama I'm so tired of him. I'm just tired.

Mama: You ain't tired yet.

Me: Yes I am, I'm just tired of him and this whole mess.

Mama: Naw, you ain't tired.
'Cause if you were tired
you wouldn't talk about it.
You would do something about it.

Next thang we know-
he'd be history and you'd
be happy.
So no- you ain't tired.

And you know what yall- I think she's right.
I may not be tired...
oooh- but I promise to goodness I'm THROUGH!

Visit The Doll Palace [Where Cartoon Dolls Live]


Monday, April 24, 2006

My Monday Mental Mentality...

At first I wasn't going to post today-
but I didn't want to see my page with the
same thing on it anymore.

I really didn't know what I was going to
write about either but I figure words will
come if I start typing :)

I have so much on my mind that I want to
stay in the bed with covers over my head-
but alas this is not an option...
well it IS but I'm not going to do it.

Yesterday I went to the Poppy Festival.
( A jazz festival here in Cali)
I came out because some of my
friends were working with an sax player
named Micheal Lington.
What was the best part of the show you ask?
um... I'd have to say ...
the Grey Goose & orange on the rocks-


Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Friday!!! ( I feel like singin' )

Hey Yall!

I'm going to start my Friday post
with a few announcements...

Ms. Glam -I'm excited- where's your schedule??!! :)

Ms. P- I am not ignoring your site-
it's just that everytime I go there,
I'm unable to load the page and then
Safari (my browser) crashes.
Do you have a video or music playing?
Dang girl!

Ms. Tam-
I am not ignoring your e-mail.
I feel so bad but I don't think I'll
be able to make the next WCBH
outing either :(
Summer is a really busy season-
lot's of jazz festivals and warm
weather. Maybe we can have a mini
get together? I'm taking the month of
May off... Let's see what we can work out!

Blogger Fam:
I have so many blogs that I read
and my side links don't reflect this.
Most of the time my sideline is blank-
(and I don't understand why...)
Anyway, one of these days I'm going
to get it together. Bare with me :)

ummm... I think that's all.

Moving On...

It's Friday and I feel like sharing...
(and singing.) Let me set the mood:

"I'd like to thank you all for coming out tonight
and spending this time with me.
Before I close my post I'd like to wish you-
(my blogger fam) a wonderful weekend.

I've talked before about how I love music
and how much it moves me.
It's like I have my own private radio
in my head that plays (my) songs!
As a matter of fact-
If you were to put a tape recorder
in my head
and pressed record-
this is what you would hear...

(Of course it's always scary allowing
you to hear my music so-
The same rules apply as before...

This is a song I wrote and sang called:

(Look at what I ) 'Found In You'


Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I have Ms.Chclt to thank for this tag :)

In this tag I must tell 6 "quirky"
or unknown things about myself...
and then tag 6 more people to do the same...
So let's get it started :)

1. I buy those little strawberry candies
with the soft fruit filling on the inside
in bulk and eat them all day one right
after the other .

2. I don't like CHOCOLATE!

3. I really want a little dog,
but I know I don't have the time
to dedicate to taking care of it...
So I have a stuffed dog (that looks and feels real)
named "Diva" who I pretend is my dog.
Although it's fake it's just as pampered as a
"real" dog.

4. I hate plates and always mix all my food
together in a bowl to eat.

5. I am a Black Latina
Siempre represantando de Pananma!

6. I love taking pictures of myself!

Who shall I tag??

1. Zany Zed!
2. Nichelle
3. Ms. Peoetically Inclined
4. Beauty
5. Da Professa'
6. Ms. Koffee


Monday, April 17, 2006

I'm HOME!!!

I know I have been MIA for a while.
I have just been so busy and have had
so many things going on...
I am going to be on the campaign this week to
catch up on all of my blog favs-
AND catch up on all of your past posts too!
(cause' I'm nosy and don't wanna miss nuthin')

Since I just got home this will be
a random thought post- Here we go :)


Besides the big seats and space,
free drinks (liquor) and food,
and the boys playin' around
while I sleep...
I luv it because
I get on the plane first-
and get off first! :)
(I HATE waiting!!!)

(Scott, ME and Joey (behind me)


Jack is recovering from
BRAIN Surgery and came
out to see a show :)
I am so glad he is doing better
Put him on yall's prayer lists!

(Me and Jack)

Last night I was in New York
for a show at the North Fork Theater (at Westbury).
The theater is historical because
it is one of the last ones in the county
that is "in the rounds".
In the rounds means the stage is a big circle
and it slowly spins through out the show.
There are only a few left now so it's a history
making thing every time you perform in one.
(This made time #4 for me!! 2 at this one
1 in Arizona and 1 somewhere else... but I forget)

Melissa Morgan sang.
(remember her??)

And the Delfonics...

There were some other groups there too
but my purse was too small for the camera.
These pics were e-mailed to me.

A random pic from Trinidad...


When I said I was "busy" I did NOT mean
gettin' busy!!! hahahaha!!
You guys are funny!

I have a lot of road stories that may
or may not see the pages of the blog
because of the MAIN ROAD RULE-
What goes on- on the road- STAYS on the road.
Stay tuned!

Aiight Family-
It's hibernation time!!


Monday, April 10, 2006


I have been tagged by Ms. Butta (so she gets a "Butta-fly") :)
I also got tagged by Ms. Chclt who I will answer next :)

FOUR...Your Information

Four jobs I have had in my life:

1. Disney Store Greeter
2.Legal Secretary
3.Church Secretary

Four nicknames I've been given:
2.Miss Priss

Four movies I would watch over and over:
1.Love & Basketball
2.Love Jones
4.Mary Poppins

Four places I have lived:
1.Oakland, CA
2.Los Angeles, CA
3.Long Beach, CA
4.Inglewood, CA

Four TV shows I love to watch:
1. Desperate Housewives
2. 7th Heaven
3.The L word
4.Sex in the City re-runs

Four places I have been on vacation:
1. Amsterdam
2. Switzerland
3. The Cayman Islands
4. Denmark

Four people I could NOT live without:
1. Jesus
2. Aaron
3. My Mommy
4.My sisters/brother

Four of my favorite foods:
2.Mac n' cheese
3.(good) Red Velvet cake

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. In Tahiti
2. On My World Tour
3. In love
4. At the top of Forbes Wealthiest People list

Four folks who I have tagged:
1. I don't know who hasn't been tagged already.
2. So anyone who wishes
3. to do this tag then...
4. You are it!!!


Wednesday, April 05, 2006


If ANYbody needs a WHOO-SAAAH moment right now-
it is me! I have just gotten home... but not really :)
I am in the states but still have a few more shows
(CA, AL and NY) before I sit for a bit. (hey that rhymed!)

So after Florida I hopped on a plane to Trinidad and Tobago

Here are some window shots:

It looks so beautiful in the air...

And the mountains- so lush and green
God is amazing...

As I said before-
I have been doing a bad job lately of
keeping up with my pictures :(
I didn't really take any in Trini this time.
I was um... busy :)
There is a video going around the band
of me doing the electric slide AND
the soul train line at a club...
but I am hoping it has been erased by now :)
(If not- can a sista get a copy??!)

Here is a photo of something pretty from Carnival.
I don't know if it was a headdress or something from
a float... but it was huge! It was in the lobby.

Then after Trinidad I went to Puerto Rico...
it was 3 hours by plane. I was so tired that I
slept the whole time and only woke up to snap us coming in.

just when we think we are going to land...

and we speed up to take off and try again...

Yeah... I needed some rum after that one :)

The next day I flew to Sacramento, CA
to do the Annual Urban League Ball.
It was very, ah, corporate...
(Black tie-28 piece orchestra.)

Aiight family,

I'm tired so I'm out :)


Saturday, April 01, 2006

bRandy TAGGGED ME!!!

All right... I have Miss. bRandy to thank for this tag:)
I know it has been going around-
but I was officially CALLED OUT!
This is my first time ever being tagged officially :)

Before I start I must give mention to two of my other bloggin' fam...

Ms. Nikki and my boo T-Casanova!!
I damn near fell in love with T-Cass's post
because he incorporated my 1st love... MUSIC!
And Nikki 'cause she's da homie :)
Here we go!

10 Attributes Of My Perfect Lover/Mate:
(In no particular order)

1. He must LOVE me

Most people think this would go without saying-
but a lot of times we find ourselves involved with
someone who doesn't love us. A loveless relationship
is not only one sided... it's WACK!

2. Must be intelligent

Not just book smart, although that's cool-
he needs to have the 6th sense called common...
Be able to stimulate my mind and hold a decent
conversation. Have thoughts and opinions-
even if they don't mirror my own.

3. Have an emotional balance

I love for a man to be "manly", but at the same time
understand that I am his woman- not his enemy.
I would like for him to know that it's cool
for us to share times of emotional intimacy.
For him to know that Anger is not the only emotion
a man can have and it's o.k. to let his guard down.
It won't make me love him less or lose respect.

4. Must be HONEST

Tell the truth instead of lying-
even if the truth will create conflict between us.
be honest in your life by being who you REALLY are.
Let me love the real you not the one you THINK I want you to be.

5. Make time for us

This is important to me.
It's important for him to make our relationship/family
a priority in his life. Everyone makes time for
what they feel is important. No matter how
busy they are. Spending time doesn't always mean
going out- it could be holding hands as we talk and
walk the dog or kissin' my neck before we take a nap...

6. Be willing to grow/change

(bRandy- I couldn't have said it better!)
just as I want someone who challenges me, I
also want someone who wants to be challenged.
someone who sees their shortcomings not as failures or embarrassments,
but as opportunities for growth. someone who allows me the space to say
that I am unhappy with something they have done or something in the relationship...
and want to fix what's broken, not take it as a personal attack.
someone who desires to be told when they are not stepping up to the plate
and doing all they can to chase their dreams
or get what they desire or deserve in a given situation.
basically, someone who is strong enough
to want someone strong by their side and not feel threatened.

7. Laughter/Fun

I like my relationship with a HUGE slice of FUN!
I want us to be able to laugh WITH and AT each other.
There is nothing wrong with having fun & being silly.
Chase me around the house :) Whip out the UNO cards!
Lets team up on the homies in Dominoes!
Why be with someone you can't stand??

8. Trust/Communication

I put these two together because they go hand in hand.
When you trust someone-
you open up and go beneath the surface.
You can only get there through communication.
The kind of talks that go waaay beyond how was
your day...
I want the "us against the world" type of love
that only comes from communication and trust.

(Nikki took the words out of my head with this one)

9. Must not let me get away with shit.

He has to have a certain amount of insight
into my behavior and motivations
and be willing to call me out on it-when I'm trippin'.
He will see through all of the bullshit I throw his way
and tell me that's exactly what it is...bullshit.
He will push me when he sees I need that push.
in other words- really 'get' me and not be afraid
to check me when necessary.

10. Must have a relationship with God

What ever you call the higher power who created us,
(I call him Jesus) have a personal spiritual connection with it.
Believing that God is love and strive to live a life which
reflects this fact.

O.k. I could write 50 more-but 10 is realistic!

I'm taggin':

Sweetie Kia, Isha,
Prince Curry and Miss Ahmad