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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday Tales...

Hey Yall : )
I miss you guys!!
As usual- I'll be on blog patrol-
checking out everyone's blogs
and catching up on what you all
have had going on this past week!

I had 1 day home to re-pack in between my last trip-
and this one. So I re-packed my bag...
and hit the town because ISHA MADE me go out!!!
(well... I was only a hostage for like 3 mins...
then I became a willing participant! hahaha!)
We went over the hill (the valley) to a place called Cafe Cordiale.

There was a really cool band...

Then of course I took a picture of her...

And she took one of me...

And fun times were had by all!!

I've been on the road... of course : )
and the road is not without it's challenges!

I don't know what the heck is going on
with the United States Aviation System-
but it is officially operating on the
other side of RIDICULOUSNESS!!!

WHY??? does every dang plane you get on
have some sort of mechanical problem!?! BOO!
In this post I once again must tell God-
"thank you"- because he spared my life... AGAIN!

(Since this was exactly one week after my last
"airplane near death experience" I am CERTAIN
that I have a purpose!)

Anyone who has even flown on a plane knows the drill.

“In the unlikely event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure,

the panels above your head will automatically open…

yada, yada, yada…
grasp the mask firmly and breathe naturally…
yada, yada, yada…
your mask may not inflate but oxygen IS flowing…”

I'm on my way to Chicago,
we've been in the air about 10 mins.
I fly so much I can just feel when something isn't right...
I don't feel the airplane pressure on my chest,
My ears are popping abnormally,
I'm burping like I just drank a case of ginger ale...
Then we hear:
"Ah, Ladies and Gentlemen, we're losing cabin pressure,
we're gonna go on and turn around back to the airport
before we "LOSE THE CABIN"-
Flight attendants prepare for landing..."


Um... "Lose the cabin?" o...k...
People were too scared to scream after that!!
All you could hear was the wheezing of folks trying
to suck air from their masks!! It was crazy!!
I know one thing for sure- from now on-
I will ALWAYS pay attention to the safety video! hahaha!

Anyway, the show went well.
I didn't take any pics with my own camera-
but these were sent to me by Ann Marie!

(Mikey, Doug, Me, Scott)

(Me, Scott -our sound engineer)

After a few other towns and cities (private shows- no pics)
We ended up at the Atlanta Civic Center for
the Tom Joyner Morning Skyshow.
We had to be there at 4 AM and do a show at 6 AM.
Now yall KNOW I'm NOT a morning person!! BOO.

(J. Anthony Brown, Me, Tom Joyner)

Well Family-
I'll be home 3 days
and then I'm off to Salem, N. Carolina...
So let me get my read on!

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Show N' Tell and all the other randomness...

Hey Yall-
I have decided that my blogging funk is over!
To celebrate this I will play Show' n Tell- (the grown up way)
because there is alot of stuff to Show and Tell you!
This is also a random post because...
well just cuz! Let's get started shall we?

I'm going to start off with a BIG fat Praise the LORD!!
becaise God spared my life on this last trip.
He we are sitting in this little bitty teenie weenie
prop plane and then BAMMMMMMM!

We got caught and hit by the biggest thunderstorm
and lightning. Our keyboard player saw the storm
when it was on the side of us and recorded a lighting
show on his camera- it was amazing... until it hit us.
The pilot never warned us and the attendant was crying...
The pilot was so shook he damn near fell out of the sky landing,
I left my jacket on the plane I was trying to get off so fast,
ANNND since it was so late when I got there-
I had the driver take me to anything open...
and good ol' Wendy's got me sick as a dog!!
It was waaaay deep. I can't even speak on it anymore so...
Praise the Lord.


The show went well. It was sooooo cold- surprisingly.
And of course I don't have a coat anymore so I was freezing!
Here I am playing around before the show-

(I dont remember what we were doing but
I was clownin' around and Joey snapped this)

And because we allll were so freaked out (STILL)
we hit the bar in a MAJOR way.
I took bar pics with some of the folks around me...

(Me and C.C. our bass player)

(Me and Doug our backline tech)

(Me and Mikey our road manager)

(Me and my homegirl Malania)

I have other photos in the crypt... but some of the
folks did NOT want to be on the blog looking as
SMASHED as they were so I'm respecting that.
I went a couple of other places (Houston, Detroit)
But they were private and I didn't take pics.

Tuesday night I wanted to feel the energy of Hollywood
in all it's glory so GLAM and I hit the town and went to
The Belmont. Ms. Thang knows all the Hollywood hotspots!

As we celebrated life, our industry jobs, freedom-
(hell-you name it- it was celebrated)
we were Grey Goose Martini Princesses and the belles of our ball.
In our rock girl jeans, 4 inch stilettos and cashmere sweaters...
MAN! Grown and Sexy personified : )

We laughed...

And ate...

and I felt fabulous!

Yesterday I had a studio session with George Duke.
(I also am the singer for the George Duke band.)
Mr. George as (he hates but) I love to call him is
just a music Genius! I so heart him!

(George Duke and Eric Zobler)

(Me and "Mr" George)

(Me in the booth)

Eric Zobler is one of THE BEST recording engineers
in the business! Of the top 10 he's like 4 or something like that.
And he's pretty fun too!

Ok now That I have updated yall-
this W.C.G. (west coast girl) is OUT!


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Snapping out of it...

So obviously- I have been in an "I'm not blogging" funk...
It must have been SUPER obvious because
Glam called and e-mailed me about it!

I have plenty to blog about- I just didn't feel like doing it :)
I just came from Atlanta for the National Black MBA conference...

(I snapped this in the car)

Now let me honest- I was SO not there for the job fair! hahaha!
It was an excuse to get my party on, spend some time with friends,
and just get away from Cali :)


I actually didn't take lots of pics because I thought I had left
my camera at home- but here is on of me and my girl Roxanne.
She too, is a FABULOUS, GEMINI GENIUS!!! Man... we ROCK!

(Me and Roxanne - after the Grey Goose & Juice)

(Roxanne and her cousin Chris)

The next day, after 4 days in the ATL-
I went to a gathering for my homegirl Alexx Daye :)

She was on her way to Australia to sing in an Elvis review.
Since she won't be home for her birthday we celebrated
that too!

(Me, Simone, and Alexx)

(*Alexx's Husband* Jeff, Me and Khalil)

(Jeff's Dad and Me)

Fun times were had by all :)

I am now in Charleston, South Carolina... working.
Have a great weekend!

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