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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year...Old Business


I'm trying to quietly blog through my
alcohol induced hangover.
(Most people had hangovers from their
New Year's celebration- my hangover
STARTED around Halloween...)

I know it's the new year but I have to wrap up
some of last year's OLD business.
I know... I know... if I would have kept up with
my blogging- I'd be current- BUT
I have to have time to actually LIVE the life I
write about :)

Let's see-
It has officially been one year...
since I started blogging!!

YAY!! It's my Blog-a-versary!!

The last trip I left off with was Indianapolis, Indiana
and I must say... it was pretty fun :)
Here are few of the pics...

Me and Jack

Me and Darryl ("Footz")
(one of THE best drummers in the industry)

Me and Ann-Marie from Chi-Town!!!
(she is the QUEEN of French Martinis...
but I am the PRINCESS!)

Me, Leone and Charlette

and of course....

Since it was the last show of 2006
(with this band) of course we had to party...
but I can only show 1 pic from that! :)

So here it is:

Me, Jeffrey, Scott and Mikey

Then the next day I got a call from
my friend Marcellina,
(who is a FANTASTIC vocalist-
and sings with Natalie Cole)
to be a singer in the Colors of Christmas show
with Pebo Bryson, James Ingram, Stephanie Mills
and Denise Williams.

I won't post a lot of pics... cause' I'm lazy :)
These pics were taken the last day
of the tour... and I was lookin' crazy!

Marcellina, Pebo and Me

James and Me

THEN the NEXT day- I taught a class!
I snapped this picture as they were coming in-

Here is a Sangindiva "real life" fact-
Before I decided I was only going to sing
for a living- I was a teacher.
So (when I can fit it in) at the end of the semester,
I give a master class to Beginning
and Advanced vocal/music high school students.

Then the NEXT day...

I had a studio session with Howard Hewett
and Ralph Johnson (of Earth,Wind and Fire)
to work on two more songs for Howard's album.

Ralph, Me and Howard

Because I live in Los Angeles-
I was able to see Dreamgirls before it came out
on Christmas- So my sister and I went to see it.
We got souvenir books and numbered lithograph pictures
too- We also bought the T-shirt that was only available during
the special pre-screenings.

Me and Kymia

I spent Christmas with Dionne Warwick and clan.
(It's a long story how I know them...)
but I took no pictures because-
well, it would have been weird...
I mean, that's Auntie Dionne n' nem.
(but if she was -I would have taken a picture of THAT!!)

I brought in the New Year partying with the homies @
the Friar's club in Beverly Hills.
If you like basketball players then New Years Eve was
your night! I personally know NOTHING about sports
and didn't know 90% of the players there...
I ONLY took pictures with people at MY table...
(cause I didn't know anybody else!!)

My friend Kim Johnson (of the group J.S.),
Corey Maggette and I started the night off
with the PRE-drink photo...
(Although if I were to be honest-
I had already had 2 sex on the beaches
and a couple of dances :)

Me, Corey and Kim

A couple of martini's later...

Me and Quentin Richardson-
(He'd better be glad I don't do athletes!)

The party was CRACKIN' ...

Me and Elise Neal

The clock strikes 12, the Patron was passed,
and I should have just said NOOOOOO...
but I didn't. *sigh*
THAT is why NO "after Patron" pictures will be shown.

On New Years Day-
My friend and blogger GLAM prepared a wonderful brunch!

So I stopped by to feed my hangover with food
We must have killed at LEAST 3 bottles! hahaha!

Ms. Thang is the greatest hostess!!
She made Greens, Mac & Cheese, Yams,
Black Eyed Peas (for good luck) and cornbread
that was TO DIE FOR!! Thanks Glam!!

The holidays are over- back to work!
I am on my way to Mississippi and Memphis.
See yall when I get back!!