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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Randomness...

Hi Yall...

I must first start off this random post
by asking you to forgive me...
because I just have NOT been feeling like blogging.
No. REALLY. The Diva has been on the LAZY train.

I mean there is always something fabulous going on
in the Sangindiva's life, but since I don't mix my
blog biznass (work) with my private biznass-
I ain't been havin' much ta say.

Well... that's not really true.

(Me@ the Huntington Beach Jazz Fest.)

I never told yall about the show in Cali
that Isha came to. ------> Here is her take on it.

(Me and Isha)

(Me and my Mama )

Or how I've been perfecting my craft by studying
piano, brushing up on my sight reading skills (reading music)
while working and hanging out with classical musicians like:

Bob- who plays french horn for the L.A. Philharmonic

And the String *Divas* Quartet...

(Cello and 2nd Violin)

(1st Violin and Viola)

Or how I hooked up with mi amorcito de Panama on Sunday.

(El Pana- Siempre representando!!)
He plays for the Globetrotters now...but we go back WAAAY before that.
We hadn't seen each other in a minute. So we kicked it hard like we do.
There was a lot of spanish speakin' and drinkin' (shhh.) hahaha!
We both travel a helluva lot- but when we finally catch up-
we compare stories and places that we've been.
He's on his way to India and I'm kinda jealous cuz I haven't been there... yet!

Tan Papi,

Este es mi mensaje a usted:

Vendré siempre cuando usted me llama...

Tendremos siempre la vida de Panama y amor de Panama :)

Abrazos, besos, y recorridos seguros.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tell All Tuesday...

Hey yall :)
Grab your coffee and have a seat-
It's tell all Tuesday!
I hope you all had a great weekend.
I was in Trenton, NJ for their Jazz Festival.

Getting to Jersey was an ordeal because they were
having bad weather and my plane was delayed
for 2 hours. I had to fly into Newark and then
drive an hour and change to get to Trenton.
(Well I didn't drive but you know what I mean) :)

(Hangin' out in Jersey)

It was raining cats and dogs for 2 days and then
like magic- on the day of the festival it just STOPPED.
It was so sunny and pretty I couldn't believe it.
But it was soooo HUMID!! Ugh! All my curls went flat!

The line-up was pretty nice.
Besides their local talent, the bill featured:
KEM, Brian Culbertson, Jeffrey Osborne and Pieces of a dream.

Here are some pics of me and some the band backstage.

(Me, Joey and Kevin)

(Me and Frankie)

(Darrell, Kevin and CeCe)

On Sunday I got up to take a walk around
and happened to turn down a street with some
little girls jumping double dutch.
And I can STILL jump like crazy!!

I told them I would turn for them if they let
me jump... Yall know the jumpin' rules!

They were really surprised that I could jump so well-
so they ran inside to get another cousin to see such mastery!

And a fun time was had by all! :)

"1...2...3... HAVE A NICE TRIP!!!"
they all yelled in unison as I walked down
the street back towards my hotel...

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Weekend Relax...

Hey Yall-

It's Friday! Time to kick up your heels and relax :)

Everyone relaxes differently.

Maybe to you relaxing means:

Hittin' the club wit' yo' girls,


Gettin' yo' spade, Uno or domino on
with some friends,

You might have a get together to celebrate life,

or chill by yourself-
cuz it's a blockbuster night...

Maybe this might be the time to try
some of the 50 million products you buy :)

Maybe it's:

hangin' out and gettin yo' study on-

or cookin' for your man
since on the weekend-he's home.

However you relax,
and what ever you do-
enjoy your weekend and be safe too!

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Great White Hope?

I was reading a post done by Mwabi ----> (Click here for post)
about an article in Essence magazine.
The article was about a black man saying he
only dates white girls but will marry a black woman
when he is ready to settle, blah, blah, blah.

This post isn't about him and his theory-
But his concept got me to thinking.
Most of the time when we think of interracial dating
we think Black man, White woman.

But I am wondering about us women-
Most of us as black women (myself included)
are on the "say no to the white man" "train.
Why is this?
(NOT that I am advocating dating
the white boy... although if he rolled through
I WOULD keep the nip/tuck Doctor Troy!!)

(Julian McMahon aka Dr. Troy)

My point is why do we not take the same liberties
as our male counterparts on this issue?

Is it the social stigma? Is it fear? Is it distaste?
Has it been pounded so hard into our psyche
that we are the backbone of our race that we
don't dare cross that line out of obligation?

I am sought out and approached my white men
For some reason- I am their Diva fantasy.
They are always, respectful, kind, VERY affluent,
and VERY generous- BUT I still have never given in.

An associate of my mother's (white man) told her
when he saw me-
"Mama Diva, Sangindiva is very beautiful. A white man
would take care of her very well."
Mama Diva must have given him the "how dare you say
something so blasphemous" look, because he then said:
"Mama Diva, There is nothing wrong with a white man.
He would treat her good and take care of her well..."

My homegirl said:
Sangindiva, let's face reality-
White men are BRED to take care of their women.
They are expected to pamper and spoil her.
White women are given opportunities,
whereas we black women have to make and TAKE ours.
The only ones who approach me are the ghetto n****s-
you betta' TAKE the opportunity to live the white life...

Would you consider being with a white man
"living the white life"? What do you think of this?

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Monday, September 11, 2006

In Remembrance...

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Aiight- I'm Back...

I know I took more than an acceptable break-
but I needed it! I just had to take a blogging break
because this thing called LIFE had to be put in check :)

I have so much to tell yall!!
So let's get started shall we?

I'm going to start with the most recent events
and move backward...


(Birthday Girl- Glam)

Yes, my friend and fellow blogger Ms. Ahmad
had a prime time birthday on Monday!

I can't even BEGIN to tell you the names of all
the spots we hit up because SHE is the hollywood
queen who knows ALL of the spots to go to :)

We started off at her house and fought about what
she was going to wear...
and finally came to a happy medium :)
She looked so hot! Don't you agree?

(Glam lookin' sex-say)

Then we were off to the first spot where
we met up with Kai for drinks...

(Glam, Me, Kai)

Then we moved the party to another spot for dinner-
I wish I knew the names of these fabulous places-
but if I took the time to research them,
I'll NEVER get this post finished!
(Maybe Glam will tell you the names in her post...)

Now to be honest,
I was so busy eating and running my mouth
I really didn't take a lot of pics at dinner but
It was at an excellent Italian spot with GREAT food.
I missed getting a picture of Tiffany but I did get a
picture of one of the couples who came by
(although I don't remember their names... my bad)

After dinner our "core group" moved the party to the
Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.
That place was so L.A. FABULOUS!!
The pool was sparkling, the palm trees were swaying
in the warm Hollywood air... it was just the place for 3 Divas!

Through out the course of the night we met 2 other
beautiful ladies and invited them to join our party...
Manal and Jeany. They were just as talented and fabulous
as we were! We are SO gonna all get together again :)
AND Jeany is a BLOGGER!! (but she is on Xanga)

(Glam, Manal, Jeany, Kai)

A fantastic time was had by all!

(Jeany, Kai, Me, Glam)

Damn it feels good to be fabulous- wouldn't you agree?!


The night before- I had just gotten home from the road...
I must admit (once again) that my photo journalism skills
were a little bootleg this trip because I was SUPER busy...
but I do have a few :)

I was in Santa Fe, NM but I don't think I took ANY from that trip...
Oh! I found one from the tour bus-

Then I moved on to umm... Baltimore, no, first I went to
La Costa, CA. That was just a crazy night!
Joey's daughter came too- isn't she beautiful?
She is soo cool and has a fashion style that is KRAZY!
We are SO going shopping together! :)

(Joey and Brandi)

(Me and Brandi backstage)

Then I jet setted my way on to Baltimore, MD.
On Jet-BOO airlines. They triple suck and I will
NEVER fly them again. I am too sleepy to go into
the long story of why... But just say NO to Jet BOO!

Anyway here I am...

Gettin' my travel on...

At that show (B-more) I met GLAM'S baby sister and husband!!
(Yes- it's her REAL sister!) She is sooo beautiful and has
the sweetest laugh! I heart her :)
Aren't they the cutest couple?!?!
(Miss Azizah, I won't forget your pics or cd-I promise)

(Before the show)

(After the show w/ me and Joey)

My homegirl Alena came through too...

You can't see them- but she was rockin' the flyest
pair of jeans!!! She hipped me to a boutique to check
out on Melrose... I WILL be making my way there! :)

Ok yall,

I think you have been sufficiently updated...

so I'm OUT!!

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